In this 3-month transformation, you will get to work one-on-one with Katerina’s and Stephen’s healing guidance.

For the last 10 years, Stephen has been on a very deep transformation and awakening with many different mentors. He has learned Cosmic Shamanism (how to clear the astral realms), Inner Shamanism & Alchemy Healing, Hypnotherapy, Tantra, Inner Child Therapy, Multidimensional Heart Merges, and much more.

In his latest book he describes the 10 foundational steps of this path that are available to all. You can get a free copy of his book in audio form here.

In 2012, he founded the world’s first magazine for men and women about dating, sexuality and relationships called Raw Attraction. In 2015, he founded what is now called which puts together all his work over the past 10 years.

Stephen now feels a calling to build Golden Temples in Prague and all around the world with his partner, Katerina.

Katerina has a TTC graduation by Yoga Alliance 550 hours, Agama Yoga level +6 [Kashmir Shaivism, Tantra – Hatha Yoga]. Katerina is also a Regression Therapist.

Katerina’s journey started 10 years ago with the healing of regression therapy, in 2015 she completed her studies of Agama Yoga teachings in Thailand where she lived for two years. She also taught yoga in Zanzibar for one year.

She has been teaching on a daily basis since 2015. Her work is based upon the experiences of many high-level teachers and expansive experiences. Kashmir Shaivism brings her a great knowledge of the alchemy of yoga, self-healing and it gives her the opportunity to live a liberated life! Katerina also offers private classes, card reading sessions and regression therapies. She wrote an e-book in Czech called, 6 Keys To Your Own Practice. She also writes articles for one of the most famous Czech yoga magazines.

Stephen & Katerina now offer a 3-month Golden Transformational process that is one-on-one with full access to our steam room and salt cave for 3 months. If you speak English then you will be able to work with both Stephen & Katerina, if you speak Czech then you have the possibility to work with Katerina for 3-months.

Here are some of the things Stephen & Katerina have helped their clients with:

+ Healing Past Trauma
+ Breaking Out Of Old Cycles
+ Clearing of Energies
+ Regression Therapy
+ Yoga
+ Improved Love Life With Your Partner
+ Attract The Right Partner If You Are Looking For A New Partner
+ More alignment with your Divine Plan & Soul Path
+ Increased Self-Love, Self-Care, & Self-Acceptance
+ More Focus
+ Improved Confidence
+ Access To The Full Abundance That You Are
+ Improved Connection With Your Sensuality & Full Body Orgasm Abilities
+ The Ability To Start Living in 5D (Full Flow & Access To The Divine)
+ Improved Communication Skills
+ A Deeper Understanding & Healing Of Your Inner Masculine & Inner Feminine
+ How To Have Unconditional Love For Yourself & All Living Things

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If you are interested in working with Katerina only (in Czech) for 3-months please email

This individual training includes access to Stephen’s Rebirth Method online course with teachers like JP Sears and many others from the world of tantra and intimate relating.